WHO is GEI ?

  •  GEI GLOBAL ENERGY CORP provide hybrid innovative power systems that include: 1) Natural gas Fuel Cell Electric Power Generation, 2) Wind & Solar  renewable energy technologies, and 3) Energy Storage solutions as an answer to increased power demands mandated by growing worldwide economies while mitigating climate pollution concerns. CLICK ABOVE.
  •  Our vision of GEI GLOBAL is a global supplier of energy solutions to meet the world’s desperate need for efficient, near zero emissions, and multi-fuel power systems. GEI leverages its market superiority in advanced High Temperature PEM Fuel Cells, hybrid electric conversion power systems integration technology (energy storage, power electronics, wind, solar),fossil  fuel reforming, and manufacturing scalability to ensure this reality. In addition, GEI GLOBAL provides fuel cell hybrid electric power generation solutions for developing countries that leverage renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, tidal, and bio fuels.  


  •   Our Company, GEI Global Energy Corp., Inc. (“GEI”), and our brand, the GEI X5, represent an innovative and smart, multi-fuel, clean, silent and affordable primary and back-up hybrid electric power generation system for residential, commercial, military, and industrial electric applications. Our unique scalable modular technology combined with a hybrid electric architecture supports the integration of fuel cell electric power systems with high power density energy storage modules and other renewable power systems such as wind and solar. This technological electric systems innovation allows the GEI Global X5 to provide hybrid electric power from a few kW to several hundred kW to global societies in dire need of clean, sustainable and environmentally benign power to mitigate global warming concerns, and to drive both healthy economies and to drive healthy and secure living conditions for their citizens.      


  • The GEI GLOBAL Hybrid X Fuel Cell Electric Power Generation technology is a game changing solution for countries such as CANADA and The People’s Republic of China with an  increased focus on Natural Gas to reduce air pollution and particulate emissions from electric power generation with coal and other fossil fuels.

GEIG Business Model

  • The GEIG Business Model provides technology final assembly licenses to country economic development partners around the globe. We will both sell the final product and also seek JV partners desiring to fabricate and to assemble fuel cell electric power systems in-country. The model reduces the overall system component cost, delivers efficient and environmentally friendly power systems to developing economics, and helps to spur job creation and economic development. We refer to this as the GEI GLOBAL BLACK LABEL LICENSING program.  


91% Efficient Combined Heat & Power

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