Natural Gas and GEI GLOBAL


  •  GEI Global Energy Corp will provide its innovative hybrid fuel cell electric power generation technology as a solution to energy needs of developing economies worldwide, and is a game changing solution particularly considering The People’s Republic of China’s increased focus on Natural Gas to reduce air pollution and particulate emissions from electric power generation with coal and other fossil fuels.  
  •   The growing availability, flexibility, and affordability of Natural Gas positions the GEI Global X5 Electric Power Generation Technology as a core strategy as worldwide economies struggle to balance the ever increasing need for electric power supporting economic development, vs. concerns for global warming and environmental pollution. The GEI Global X5 hybrid fuel cell electric power generation technology extracts hydrogen efficiently from natural gas and produces clean electricity for homes and businesses with an 80% reduction in emissions as compared to diesel electric generators. Additionally, the by-product thermal energy provides hot water heating with a combined heat and electric power (CHP) system efficiency exceeding 91%.  

Natural Gas and CHINA


  •   Natural Gas is China's fastest growing major fuel, with demand quadrupling in the past decade. Natural Gas is now about 6-7% of China's energy demand, double the market share in 2007, and the country is pushing natural gas to be 10% of the total energy consumption by 2020.  
  •   The China National Bureau of Statistics reports the consumption of natural gas during the 12th Five-Year period recorded an average growth of 12.4%. The forecast model further predicts a natural gas consumption of 345.3 billion cubic meters in 2021 and a five-year compounded annual growth rate of 9.4%. Current imports are approximately 154.4 billion cubic meters (110 million tons) with a predicted five-year compounded growth rate of 15.1% resulting in a predicted 2020 LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) import of 50 million tons.   

Natural Gas and the World


  •  Natural Gas has already become the fastest growing major fuel in the industrialized nations and is rapidly gaining market share in the all-important developing world, rising since 2000 from 16% of energy in poor nations in 22% today. Beyond lower emissions, natural gas has a clear advantage over other fuels because higher flexibility means gas actually GAINS MARKET SHARE.   
  •  Flexibility also means that natural gas competes in all sectors of the economy: electricity (power generation), residential (cooking and heating), transportation (CNG vehicles), commercial (cooking, heating), and industrial (power generation back-up power). No single sector in the U.S. accounts for more than 35% of natural gas use, compared to 75% for transportation for oil, and 93% for electricity for coal. Today, major oil companies are positioning themselves more as natural gas companies, because gas wins out no matter what government energy and environmental policies are enacted. Royal Dutch Shell, for instance, paid $70 billion (2015) to purchase gas giant BG Group. 




The intended applications depending upon power output include: 

  • Residential and Individual Housing,
  •  Commercial Businesses,
  •  Condominiums, and Apartment Buildings, 
  • Telecommunications and Remote Cell Phone Towers, 
  • Solar and Wind Power Plant Balancing, 
  • Central Electric Grid Stabilization and Large Scale Emergency Back-up (i.e. Data Centers, Airports, Hospitals, Casinos, City Services, Emergency Response and Police), and:
  •  Electric Vehicle Charging Stations  


Auxiliary Applications

  Because GEI Global fabricates its core technology or has close relationships with core suppliers, GEI Global is able to offer its energy storage and electronic controls technology for development of the following auxiliary applications: · 

  • Self-Contained Telecommunications Tower with advanced VERTICAL AXIS Wind Turbine and Battery Storage
  •  Electric Airport Vehicles
  •  Hybrid Electric CNG Busses 
  • Drones and Hybrid Electric Aircraft
  •  Hybrid Electric Water Craft