Hybrid Software and Hardware Controls

Provide customers with efficient "C/C++" software to control hardware devices such as pumps, motors, fans, and other balance of plant components. Also includes design and development of dedicated DAQ micro processor hardware circuit boards for specific applications such as hybrid mobility (automotive, marine, aerospace) and hybrid integrated renewable power.

Includes advanced NI LAB WINDOWS/LINUX GUI software development for system controls.


Fuel Cell, Energy Storage, and Power Electronics Infrastructure Design

Provide systems design for the integration of electric power generation components including fuel cells, batteries, ultra caps, solar, and wind including power conditioning and controls. Also includes software controls for DC-DC converters and DC-AC inverter hardware.


CAN BUS Software Development & Controls

Provide customers with CAN BUS software communications and controls programming to interact with fuel cell micro processor internal controls such as with the Hydrogenics fuel cell stack. Also provides complete fuel cell stack, power electronics, and energy storage infrastructure systems design including software and hardware controls.

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